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The Author  -   Christina Graham


When Christina was three years old she found her mum in a state of despair one day as she reflected upon some harsh ways in which people in this world related and struggled to understand how to experience ongoing Peace and Joy; and she re-minded her mother of Our True Will and Nature and State of Being and that she could experience freedom from suffering through accepting It . . because often while asleep at night Christina was aware of rising above this world and of it disappearing from view and of accepting her Oneness with Pure Harmonious Energy, and Loving It and Loving It and Loving It. When she became aware of a re-association with a body in a bed, which she had previously seen as herself, she felt the weightiness and incredible limitations of it, and knew that it wasn't her True State of Being and wanted to return to constant awareness of her True State of Being. She noticed that when she held to her True Desire to Be Gentle, Pure Tranquil Joy was her Experience consistently. She found it puzzling however whenever she noticed anyone, including herself, behaving in ways which were out of alignment with Our True Completely Loving Nature; but then she opened up to understanding clearly why things in this world differ from and oppose Our De-Light-ful Truth, and what the cause of all conflict and pain and suffering is, and she remembered how to eliminate it as she wrote the book 'Living the Light Life of Love.'

For many years during her life Christina had a strong feeling that a comprehensive book about True Love needed to be written and offered to the world. She did not have a desire to write books so she suggested to a few others that they may want to do that but they didn't so nothing happened until Christina realized that over time she had come to feel quite disturbed about some things that others said and did and earnestly desired to shift from that mental position and Be Peaceful and Loving above all else and therein opened back up to profound understanding about Love and Life. Her focus was on helping herself to Be Peaceful and Loving consistently, and as she opened back up to under-standing how to do that she began to receive all of the help she needed, often at night when asleep. One night a very clear vision of beautiful ancient writing appeared, as if moving across a screen, and she realized how profound the understanding within that writing was and felt a need to get up and write it all down. Understanding then began coming in every night, often in the form of beautiful ancient writing or visions of superb clarity. She had thousands of visions and felt so much Joy arising from this understanding and her application of it that for many years she would get up soon after midnight and stay up all night writing down all that she was learning. Although initially her focus was on helping herself, she realized that she had just as strong a desire to share this understanding so that others could benefit from it, so her writing was turned into a book. Her book 'Living the Light Life of Love' was twelve years in the making, and much of the understanding within it correlates with in-depth understanding received during near death experiences, which many in this world have had, but also expands on it.    



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